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Asian Cat Names 100+ Best & Cute Ideas

Dating back to around 7500 BC when cats were first domesticated near the east, they have become a favorite for many households. Although not entirely proven, the domestication of cats is speculated to have resulted from the influence of ancient Egypt where these animals were venerated. 

In Asia for instance, a country like China has no cat in its zodiac signs yet it has an estimated 53,100,000 cats. In other countries say Japan, cats are extremely popular from the hello kitty franchise to anime characters who look like cats in animated movies. Cat worship is performed by some in sacred cat shrines. Taking the case of Korea, the rapid growth of cat fame on the internet and around the globe has led the country to notably increased its household cat population. An estimate of 2.43million was found after a study by the Korea Rural Economic Institute. More people are considering keeping cats as they are much easier to maintain than most pets. 

Are you a cat lover and looking to name your cat? If so then you are probably up for quite a task. These creatures feline creatures deserve unique names to match their individual characters. Fortunately, there’s an endless “sea” of names that you can give to your cat. If you fancy exotic names then Asian cat names are among the best names you can select from. 

Cute Asian Cat Names

Cute or adorable are the first terms that come to mind when you describe a Kitty. These cuddly, furry, friendly creatures make the best companions. As a cat owner here are a few cute name suggestions from the Asian “dictionary”. 

  • Momo (peach) 
  • Koneko (kitten) 
  • Koko (short) 
  • Lan (_cute) 
  • Ai (love) 
  • Cho ( butterfly) 
  • Kanmi (sweetness) 
  • Kei (blessing) 
  • Keiko (adored one) 
  • Maru (plump) 
  • Rozu (rose) 
  • Rini (little bunny) 
  • Pinku (pink) 
  • Shai (shy) 
  • Sushi
  • Etsu (delight) 
  • Suki (beloved) 
  • Akumi (the dark) 
  • Sekitan (coal) 
  • Tsuki (moon) 
  • Deiji (daisy) 
  • Kori (ice) 

Best Asian Cat Names

It seems everyone is looking out to name their cats the best names they can find. Some of the best Asian titles you can give to your cat are:

  • Yuki (gentle flower) 
  • Tora (tiger) 
  • Tafi (toffee) 
  • Chobi (small)
  • Kiyoshi (purity) 
  • Minoru (truth) 
  • Izumi (fountain) 
  • Miku (beautiful sky) 
  • Mitsu (light) 
  • Kuro (black) 
  • Hana (flower) 
  • Mei (beautiful) 
  • Shiro (white) 
  • Fuku (lucky) 
  • Sora (sky) 
  • Chibi (Tiny) 
  • Kai (ocean) 
  • Miruku (milk) 
  • Tenshi (angel) 
  • Yuri (lily) 

Asian Cat Names Female

Asian Cat Names Female

The queen(female cat) makes a larger percentage of the cat population. Having a female cat for a pet is an added bonus especially if you adore cats. With the ability to bear an average of three litters( each with about four kittens)  per year the female cat is one of the strongest feline female. Asian female cat names include:

  • Aia (ruler) 
  • Haru (spring) 
  • Hime (princess) 
  • Jin (jewel) 
  • Kichi (fortunate) 
  • Mitsu (light) 
  • Sakura (cherry blossom) 
  • Tamara (treasure) 
  • Mana (love) 
  • Yuki (happy) 
  • Shinju (pearl) 
  • Hotaru (firefly) 
  • Asami (morning beauty) 
  • Mami (true beauty) 
  • Mai (dance) 
  • Miwa (peace) 
  • Ichika (gift) 
  • Hoshu (star) 
  • Junko (pure) 
  • Arisu (noble) 

Asian Cat Names Male

With a wide variety to select from, male cat or kitten names are infinite. Symbolizing power and dominance the tom( male cat) is definitely a rare “gem ”to have in your house. Below is a list of Asian names for male cats

  • Hiroshi (generous) 
  • Hibiki (Echo) 
  • Akio (glorious man) 
  • Ho-seok (brave) 
  • Jung (righteous) 
  • Seulgi (wisdom) 
  • Hikaru (radiance) 
  • Kaito (supportive) 
  • Sung (successor) 
  • Katashi (firm) 
  • Samurai (warrior) 
  • Nobu (faith) 
  • Toshi (wise) 
  • Ryu (dragon) 
  • Hae (ocean)
  • Min (clever) 
  • Yu-jin (precious) 
  • Shin (belief) 
  • Dong (east) 
  • Gi (brave) 

Asian Food Inspired Cat Names

If you are obsessed with Asian delicacies then the effect may rub of on finding your cat a name. Food-inspired names will be a unique way to tag your feline.

  • Karashi
  • Manju
  • Kobe
  • Kyou
  • Minto
  • Mentsuyu
  • Nashi
  • Moyashi
  • Kappa
  • Ikura
  • Kaede
  • Kinako
  •  Karukan
  • Gyoza
  • Haruna
  • Furikake
  • Ninjin

Japanese Cat Name

It is definite that when it comes to naming in Japanese there sure aren’t any shortages of names. If you crave for a Japanese tag for your cat here is a list you could choose from

  • Kurumi(walnut) 
  • Shima(stripes) 
  • Daisuke(great help) 
  • Kashokku(brown) 
  • Amondo(almond) 
  • Shinku(crimson) 
  • Shoga(ginger) 
  • Kasai (fire) 
  • Kohaku(amber) 
  • Susu(soot) 
  • Amaya (night rain) 
  • Satu(sugar) 
  • Kegawa(funny) 
  • Kioko(funny) 
  • Suzu(bell) 
  • Yoshio(joyful life) 
  • Kenta(big and strong) 
  • Kouki(hope) 
  • Isamu (courage) 
  • Raiden(thunder) 
  • Masa(true) 

Korean Cat Names  

Korean Cat Names  

With the rising popularity of cats among household pets, you will soon find the need to give your cat a unique name. Listed below are Korean cat names that could pique your interest. 

  • Keyowo(cute) 
  • Him (strength) 
  • Ching-Hwa (healthy) 
  • Jung (fair) 
  • Kwan (You ) 
  • Yepee (happy) 
  • Mulyo (free) 
  • Haenguni (lucky) 
  • Jijeog-in (smart) 
  • Yeossin (goodness) 
  • Hea (grace) 
  • Haneul (sky) 
  • Mee (beauty) 
  • Suni (kindness) 
  • Soo (gentle spirit) 
  • Chungsilhan (faithful) 
  • Sarangi (charming) 
  • Yeoja (woman) 
  • Uk (sunrise) 
  • Myeong (bright) 
  • Dalkohman (sweet) 

Japanese Food Names For Cats

Japanese cuisine is definitely one source you could pick out a variety of names for your cat. 

For male cats:

  • Dashi
  • Teriyaki
  • Adzuki
  • Anzu 
  • Daifuku
  • Fuji
  • Higashi
  • IChigo
  • Bento
  • Daidai
  • Dorayaki
  • Anmitsu
  • Sukiyaki
  • Shoyu
  • Momo
  • Namagashi

For female cats:

  • Kare
  • Donburi
  • Awabi
  • Kurumi
  • Konacha
  • Onigiri
  • Sake
  • Mocha
  • Oden
  • Sashimi
  • Ikura
  • Negi
  • Moka
  • Okara
  • Ramen
  • Saba

Asian Leopard Cat Names

The leopard cat is a wild cat native to the south, East, and southeastern Asia. The Bengal is a rare hybrid species resulting from the breeding of the Asian leopard cat and domestic cats. They are very unique among the cat family with fur that possesses patterns, spots, and colors to make them attractive. Most people refer to them as “miniature leopards” due to their impeccable resemblance to leopards. 

  • Kokoa (cocoa) 
  • Shima (stripes) 
  • Tora (tiger) 
  • Kuri (chestnut) 
  • Toro cham (little tiger)
  • Reo (Leo) 
  • Jialong (sea dragon) 
  • Guang (light) 
  • Zhulong (torch dragon) 
  • Gun (fluffy cat) 
  • Ning (serene) 
  • Mee (beauty) 
  • chon-hee (spring girl) 
  • Ryung (the light) 
  • Woong (magnificence) 

Chinese Cat Names

Giving your cat a Chinese name gives it a more indigenous feel. Below is a list of such names suit your desire. 

Male names:

  • Fu(fortunate) 
  • Jun(handsome) 
  • Chi(energetic) 
  • Chiang (stories) 
  • Bao(treasure) 
  • De( virtuous) 
  • Ying(brave) 
  • Shun(obedient 
  • Long(dragon) 
  • Zhi(lion) 
  • Lol(joy) 
  • Hun-dun(chaos) 
  • Da(big cat) 
  • Fenghuang(phoenix) 

Female names:

  • Bik(jade) 
  • Lian(lotus) 
  • Li Ming(pretty) 
  • Niu(girl) 
  • An(peace) 
  • Jiahao(family) 
  • Hua(splendid cat) 
  • Ya(graceful) 
  • Shizuko(Quiet) 
  • Heng(persistent) 
  • Huang(yellow/orange cat) 
  • Jia like(beautiful) 
  • Lixue(pretty snow) 

Exotic Asian names offer a variety that will definitely show a personalized touch when it comes to cat naming. With everyone giving the typical Jerry, mittens, Daisy, and Tom name to their cat, going out of your way to finding a rare exotic name for your kitty might just be what you need!

Asian Cat Names

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